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The St. Antonius Hospital is one of the biggest non-academic hospitals in the Netherlands. And because of that it is a nationally, and also internationally, known center with a lot of expertise in multiple areas. One of the reasons for this is the constant drive to educate and innovate. This started when the first open heart surgery in the Netherlands was performed in the St. Antonius Hospital in 1959. The innovation is continuous and can only be achieved with the help of several partners. With their help new techniques and devices are being used in research and regular practice each day. Through this way innovation leads to improved clinical performance, which is reflected in the standard of patient care.

One of the big advantages of the St. Antonius Hospital as a partner is the size of the hospital. There are over 547.000 outpatient clinical visits each year. This offers great opportunities. The government also noticed this opportunity, as they gave the hospital the possibility to select extra research students to further improve the quality of care. These huge numbers, in combination with the past scientific experience and a great infrastructure to support (clinical) research, make the St. Antonius Hospital such a great hospital to conduct single- and multicenter research.

To make sure that all research that is performed in the hospital is in accordance with the law and protects the safety and welfare of the participating patients, the hospital has appointed multiple separated agencies who supervise all clinical research. This leads to an even better understanding of what is required from the researchers to perform high quality studies.

All of this combined is what makes the St. Antonius Hospital such a great business partner.

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