Other relevant topics in relation to HHT

Holiday or traveling

Taking a holiday is rarely a problem for HHT patients, but very dry and hot or very cold climates should be avoided.

Air travel is also not a problem, but the air inside the plane can be very dry. Patients with nose bleeds can moisten their nose with a wet towel during the flight or wear a small cap over their nose.

Some patients with treated vascular abnormalities in the lung continue to have low oxygen levels. They should contact their doctor before a flight, because the oxygen pressure in a plane is lower than on the ground. Severely anaemic patients may also have problems with a low oxygen pressure. A pre-flight check of the haemoglobin is advocated.

A few tips:

  • Inform before departure about the alarm number in the country of destination.
  • Take your medical passport and blood group card with you.
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