Other relevant topics in relation to HHT


Dutch insurance companies have agreed (moratorium) that results of previous DNA tests do not have to be revealed when a patient applies for an insurance, as long the insured capital does not exceed a certain amount.

However, the amount of capital and the rules are changed regularly. Up-to-date information can be obtained at ‘Kenniscentrum Welder’.

Symptoms due to HHT should not be denied by the applicant. Results of previous DNA tests on family members do not have to be revealed. An insurance company that receives the results of DNA tests because of a life- or disability insurance is only allowed to use the results for that insurance policy and not for the policies of any relatives. This also means that an insurance company is not allowed to ask questions about DNA tests on other family members.

An insurance company can never force you to have a DNA test. They may ask questions about hereditary diseases in the family and the cause of death of relatives. The insurance company may refuse to grant you insurance cover or raise the premium.

The so-called policy in kind (‘natura polis') may refuse to pay for a referral to such a centre. This is not the case with the reimbursement policies ('restitutie polis').

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