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Radial Head / Radial Neck Fracture

You have a small fracture in the head or neck of your radius, which is one of the bones in your elbow. We treat this fracture with a pressure bandage and a sling.

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A fracture of the radial head or neck is a common injury. The fracture is treated with a pressure bandage and a sling.

0-1 week
  • Wear a sling, remove it as soon as your pain allows this.
  • Wear a pressure bandage, remove it as soon as your pain allows this.
1-4 weeks
  • Start exercises: bend and extend your arm (do not turn your arm).
4-6 weeks
  • Move your elbow in all directions, when your pain allows it.
After 6 weeks
  • Start sports.
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Follow these instructions for a good recovery.

  • Wear a pressure bandage and sling, this will keep your arm in a comfortable position.
  • You do not need the pressure bandage and sling after 1 week. We advise you to stop using the sling after 1 week, if the pain allows you to do so. If you are still experiencing a lot of pain after one week, you can wear the pressure bandage for another week.
  • You can replace the pressure bandage yourself. You can use the pressure bandage you are wearing it now, or you can buy a new bandage at the pharmacy. You can find instructions on how to apply the pressure bandage in our Virtual Fracture Care app and in this video.
  • This fracture is close to your elbow joint. Start bending and extending your arm as soon as your pain allows you to do this. This will prevent the elbow from getting stiff. You can find exercises in our Virtual Fracture Care app and in this information.
  • Are you in pain? Use a mild pain killer such as acetaminophen. Do not wait with the use of acetaminophen until the pain is too much.
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  • This type of injury almost always heals well with time and use.
  • No specific treatment is required and routine follow-up is not necessary.
  • It is possible that after 4-6 weeks, the range of motion of your elbow is still slightly reduced. This is unlikely to affect your long-term function and will improve in the months after.
  • Does the pain increase, or does it not improve? Please contact the 'Breuklijn' (fracture hotline). See also the information at the bottom of this page.
  • Physiotherapy is not necessary. If you are not satisfied with the function of your elbow after 6 weeks, you can ask for a referral to a physiotherapist from your general practitioner.

Virtual Fracture Care app

In our Virtual Fracture Care app, you can find more information about your injury. You can also find exercises here to improve your recovery. You can find the app in the Appstore (iPhone) and in the Google Store (Android). You can also scan the QR-code, automatically you will be transferred to the app.

Questions? Please call the 'Breuklijn'

If there are any questions after reading this information, please call the 'Breuklijn' (fracture hotline) on workdays between 10.00-12.00.

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