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Spoke-wheel injury (children)

This kind of injury occurs when lower limbs get stuck in between spokes, frequently those of a bicycle. We did not see a fracture on the X-ray and there is no deep wound. A spoke-wheel injury is treated with a pressure bandage.

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A spoke-wheel injury is common in The Netherlands. Your child will be treated with a band-aid and a pressure bandage.

0-3 days
  • Keep the band-aid on the wound.
  • If the pressure bandage is loose, replace it with a tubigrip.
  • Move your child’s foot, when your child’s pain allows this.
After 3 days
  • Take care of your child’s wound, follow the instructions listed underneath.
  • Remove the pressure bandage and move your child’s foot if your child’s pain allows this.
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Follow these instructions for a good recovery.

  • After 3 days, you can remove the band-aid and the pressure bandage.
  • Your child can walk as soon as your child’s pain allows.
  • You can find in this video instructions on how to reapply the pressure bandage. You can buy new materials at a pharmacy or reuse the materials from the emergency department.
  • It is important that your child moves the foot and ankle as soon as your child’s pain allows. Specific exercises are not necessary.
  • When the pressure bandage is loose, you can replace this with a tubigrip. A tubigrip looks like a sock. Most likely, you will get one during your visit at the emergency department. You can also buy one at the pharmacy. Your child should not wear the tubigrip at night.
  • At night, you can place a pillow underneath the foot to elevate it and thereby reduce  swelling.
  • Is your child in pain? Use a mild pain killer such as acetaminophen. Do not wait with the use of acetaminophen until your child’s pain is too much.

Instructions for the wound after 3 days

  • Clean the wound every day, preferably in the shower. Continue cleaning the wound until it is closed. Put a new band-aid on the wound when necessary.
  • Is the wound red and does the redness increase? Please contact our 'Breuklijn' (fracture hotline) See below.
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  • This type of injury almost always heals well with time and use.
  • No specific treatment is required and routine follow-up is unnecessary.
  • Does the pain persist, or the wound does not heal? Please contact the 'Breuklijn' (fracture hotline). See below. We will make an appointment if required.

Virtual Fracture Care app

In our Virtual Fracture Care app you can find more information about this injury. You can also find exercises here to improve the recovery. You can find the app in the Appstore (iPhone) and in the Google Store (Android). You can also scan the QR-code, automatically you will be transferred to the app.

Questions? Please call the 'Breuklijn'

If there are any questions after reading this information, please call the 'Breuklijn' (fracture hotline) on workdays between 10.00-12.00.

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